Residential Moves

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At Consider It Moved, we believe that what moves you is equally as important as who moves you. We offer premier luxury moving services and project management to create a relocation experience that prioritizes you and your lifestyle. Moving can be complicated and often times, there is more going on than just the transferring of possessions from one home to another. The reason for a move can be something bigger - a new baby, a marriage, a divorce, a new job – the list goes on. The underlying reason for your move is often what you would be better off focusing on. In the spirit of supporting you during your move, we handle the logistics so that you can spend your valuable time on the things that are most important to you. 

Pre-Move Preparation

Our experience confirms that efficient move preparation is the first step to a smooth relocation. We begin by getting to know you and your preferences so that we can develop a strategic plan and a customized move schedule. 

Your dedicated project manager will oversee all of the necessary and time-consuming details to make your move seamless and to help you transition from your current place to your new space. Moving is about more than how many boxes you have and where the items go. Some of your circumstances won’t fit in a box and we have the knowledge, hands on support and resources to take care of all your unique needs including: 

  • Photo Inventories

  • Mover Bids

  • Vendor Scheduling

  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Address Changes 

  • Fine art and antiques inventory and appraisal

  • Donation sorting and delivery 

  • Organizing and decluttering 

  • Storage solutions

  • And more!

Trusted Movers and Services Providers offering Excellent Service

Leveraging relationships with vetted movers to offer you top quality service and fair pricing is high on our list of importance. The first step in ensuring accurate pricing is to schedule a mover site visit to see your belongings. This, along with other details we gather in our initial phone conversation, enables us to create and propose your unique move package. We recognize there can be variables and risks in providing quotes over the phone or online and partner with movers who are willing to invest themselves in serving your best interests by conducting a thorough inspection of your property prior to quoting. 

Partnering with trusted providers is key to our service offerings. Our connections allow us to choose appropriate sub-contractors who offer a superior quality, and who also care as much as we do about a creating a flawless experience throughout the entire process. 

Services that we arrange include:

  • Vehicle transport

  • Storage Facilities

  • Interior design

  • Home staging services

  • Electricians

  • Cleaning Services

  • Art Consultants & Installers

  • AV equipment set up

  • Pet Sitters

Packing and Move Day Details Handled

Our move management specialists will oversee all of the packing and track when and how your items are packed and placed. By overseeing what goes in each box and making sure each box is correctly labeled, we ensure that your toothbrush does not get tossed into the box with your shoes and that your possessions end up in the right place for efficient unpacking on the other side of your move.

Our Pack & Load services include:

  • Supervision of movers at all locations 

  • Oversight and detailed labeling of boxes

  • Mover insurance provided to buildings

  • Keys and cable boxes returned

Peace of Mind That Everything Finds Its Place - Including You!

How you live is important. At Consider It Moved, we take the time to understand your preferences and work to thoughtfully arrange your new space. We know that getting all of your belongings out of boxes and placed in a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing way, creates an inviting and welcoming space that feels like home. 

Imagine walking through your front door, to find everything put away in a well thought out and organized fashion. You’ll see:

  • Beautifully Organized Closets, Cupboards, Drawers and Basements

  • Bathrooms fully operational and stocked

  • Household items stocked and ready for use

  • Artwork, and special collections installed

  • Groceries in the refrigerator

Post-Move Follow Up

Once your move is complete and everything is in its place, we’ll review it together to determine if it works for you. We will then make any adjustments so that your new space feels like home. Together, we will create the ideal environment for you to live, work, or play. Our goal is to create a space that allows you to move into the new beginnings that lie ahead with confidence and ease.

When your environment is both beautiful and functional, your transition will be easier, too. Now is the time to move in and start enjoying and celebrating what’s next. 

NYC White Glove Movers Who Support You

From beginning to end, Consider It Moved handles every aspect of your move efficiently and reliably. Your dedicated Consider It Moved project manager will take care of all the details and return your valuable time and energy to where it belongs: to you. We utilize high-touch logistical project management and an empathetic approach to ease the moving process and your transition. We see your move as much more than just safely transporting boxes from point A to point B – while that is important, we recognize that moving is also an opportunity to step into something new. 

Contact us today at (646) 693-6616 or reach us online for more information.