Renovation and Project Management

Renovating your home can be an excellent way to increase the value or it can be an opportunity to update and refresh your space. While it is also likely that you will be moving temporarily during a renovation, that does not mean putting your life on hold. Consider It Moved is a premier NYC renovation project management and move coordination company that takes care of every detail to keep your renovation on time and on budget.

The Planning

project management organization

As with most things, preparation is key to keeping your project running smoothly and efficiently. From the beginning, we develop a strategic plan and a customized project schedule to make sure you know where you stand at all times. Your dedicated project manager will take you and your unique situation into account and make sure that not only does your renovation happen the way you want it, but we will alo take care of all the moving pieces to get you into a temporary space and then back into your new home when it’s ready. 

We handle everything to make your life easier including: 

  • Finding temporary living arrangements

  • Arrange and review mover bids

  • Short and long term storage

  • Photo inventories 

  • Pre-Move organizing and decluttering

  • Donation sorting and delivery

  • Vendor scheduling and setup

  • Contractor management

  • Budget reviews

Keeping Your Project on Track

Consider It Moved’s renovation project managers will ensure detailed oversight of your project. We can start at the beginning, or jump in when it’s just become too much, and see it through to the final result. Acting as your representative, we focus on your best interests – getting your renovation completed on time, and within budget. We meet with your contractor and other subs, visit your job site regularly to follow up on progress and outstanding issues, and then report back to you. We act as your eyes and ears throughout the process so that you can focus on the bigger picture and what truly matters to you.

Packing and Storage Solutions – Everything in its Place

Our move management specialists ensure that all items are packed and delivered when and where you want them. We take pride in our successful systems to keep you organized for both moving and storage. We track how, when, and where your items are packed and placed. You have the option of creating a photo inventory so that you can remember what items are where. Having a photo inventory is extremely helpful in keeping track of items going into storage or items packed up temporarily. You may need to access certain items during your renovation, and our inventories can include details such as measurements of furniture as you plan layouts for your renovated home. 

Your Consider It Moved project manager will also oversee the entire moving day, supervising movers and ensuring that everything is packed correctly, accounted for, and ready to go to the correct locations. 

Minimize Disruptions to Everyday Life While in Transition

Living in a temporary location doesn’t have to feel like just a waiting period. Consider It Moved can help you to set up your temporary space to feel like home, with small touches and familiar items. Your life is not on hold - the roof over your head just looks different for a little while. We prioritize your time and freedom to continue life as normal with as little disruption as possible. 

In addition to our purposeful unpacking and set-up of your temporary space, we can also help to manage other aspects of temporary living, such as picking up mail or setting up mail forwarding service, transferring or pausing services such as internet and TV, and finding new services in your temporary location like a gym and other neighborhood memberships. 

Moving Back to Your Renovated Space

When the time comes to move back into your beautifully renovated space, we will help you plan the details and get you settled. Understanding your preferences is key to thoughtfully arranging your new space. We will make sure that everything is in its place in your beautiful new space so that you enjoy it from the day you step through the door.

When you arrive after the completion of your move, you will find everything as planned:

  • Closets and drawers perfectly organized 

  • Bathrooms stocked 

  • Household items in place and ready for use

  • Photos, artwork, and special collections installed

  • Groceries in the refrigerator

Once your move is complete and everything is in its place, we’ll review everything together to determine if it works for you, making any adjustments so that your new space feels like your home creating the ideal environment for you to live, work, or play. Our goal is to ensure that when your renovation is complete, you can move into the new beginnings that lie ahead with confidence and ease. Your home can be a source for new inspiration and so setting it up as a place that works for you is important. Now is the time to move in and start enjoying and celebrating what’s next!

NYC Full-Service Renovation Project Management Support

Delegating relocation and renovation management responsibilities to Consider It Moved will allow you to rest assured that details will all be noticed and handled. We ease the burdens of a renovation by providing a full slate of project management services that will have your upgraded space ready after a renovation. Contact us today at (646) 693-6616 or reach out to us online here.