White Glove Luxury Moving Specialists in NYC

Consider It Moved is a full-service bespoke moving experience. Our New York City luxury moving services are catered to your personal preferences so you never have to see a box while we organize your home to perfection.

We create a seamless transition into your new home by taking the time to understand you as an individual and fulfill your special demands. We support people rather than boxes because what moves you is equally as important as who moves you. Consider It Moved strives to create a relocation experience that gives you back valuable time so you can focus on what matters most.

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We Are More Than Just a Relocation Service

We are people just like you. We live and move like you, but we’re also experts in relocation and full-service moving. Our team of diversely trained individuals has crafted their skills expertly and efficiently so you can live for what inspires you.

Partnering with us means you can put all your worries to rest when it comes to planning, scheduling, sorting, storing, and organizing your move. With more than 20 years of white glove luxury moving experience, we anticipate every need that may arise. We’ve got you covered.


What Type of Move are you Making in New York City?


No matter where you’re moving or if you need help managing your renovations, we offer all the relocation services and expertise required to present your new ideal space.

Our professional crews are discrete, quiet, and efficient so you never have to see or touch a box. Transition doesn’t have to mean putting your life on hold - working with Consider It Moved allows you to keep moving forward while we move you into your new home.

Our Full-Service Packages Include


Our add-on services range from art appraisals and selling furniture to hiring personal chefs and creating photo inventories. We offer a range of invaluable options to help you through your transition, including:

  • Pre-move planning

  • Sorting and donation

  • Storage solutions

  • Customized set up of your new space

  • Packing and crating

  • Fine art relocation

  • Organizing

  • Arranging any necessary subcontractors, including electricians, AV equipment services, housekeeping, etc.


We leverage our relationships with hand-chosen movers and subcontractors to give you excellent service throughout your moving process. Get away from the paperwork, boxes, and vendor negotiations and get back to what moves you.

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"The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”



We Take Care of Your Nest So You Can Take Flight


Lightening the load of your New York City move is our goal. With our expertise in all things related to transitions, we know how to best support you during this time of change. We utilize high-touch logistical project management and an empathetic approach to ease the moving process and your transition.

Our team never loses focus on your objectives and creates a stress-free relocation experience that allows you to keep uncovering new opportunities. We treat you and your belongings with the greatest care and set up your new location according to your desires, so you enjoy feeling settled much sooner.


Supporting You In The Space Between

When we experience change, we move from the known to an unknown future. This middle, often uncomfortable, space is known as liminal space and Consider It Moved helps you during this challenging time.


Our brand draws inspiration from supporting you as you navigate minimal space. We empower you to find opportunities in your transition by freeing you from the pressures of relocation while opening doors to let you continue living in the present. Whether this is possible through our mover management services or simply having your space ready before you arrive, we are here to support and coach you as you move into the possibilities that lie ahead. Consider It Moved allows moving to be another opportunity to celebrate life’s changes.