Commercial Moves

Consider It Moved offers premier commercial moving services for a relocation that keeps your business going strong and your company moving forward. We provide a professional team who will craft a seamless corporate transition to minimize disruptions and eliminate stress on employees. You can focus on your business’ growth opportunities and future goals without sacrificing valuable resources on your moving project. 

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Corporate Pre-Move Planning and Management

As one of NYC’s premier luxury moving companies, Consider It Moved partners with other premium service providers to create the necessary pre-move preparations for your needs. 

Our services include:

  • Mover bids

  • Vendor scheduling and setup 

  • Temporary office space arrangements to keep your business operations on track

  • Photo inventory of all assets

  • Sorting, storage, sale, and donation of unwanted equipment and furniture

  • Professional warehousing assistance

  • Submission of necessary address changes 

Customized Services That Keep Your Business Running

Moving your office is about more than just getting office equipment from point A to point B; it involves setting up computer networks, installing security systems, and designing a better layout to foster teamwork. Consider It Moved recognizes that some of your needs won’t fit in a box. 

Our skilled project managers have many support services available including:

  • Commercial warehousing and storage partners

  • Professional IT technician teams 

  • Transportation services for company vehicles

  • Designers and organizers to help visualize your new layout ideas

  • Office staging and supply

  • Furniture and equipment installers

Packing and Move Day Details Handled

Consider It Moved will keep you and your team working while we prepare your workplace, particularly on packing and moving days. We will oversee precise packing methods so all your valuable office assets get the white glove treatment they deserve. We strive to craft a calm and organized move so that your business can proceed as usual. 

Our moving day services include:

  • Supervision of movers at all locations

  • Everything packed, accounted for, and ready to go 

  • All spaces cleaned and cleared

  • Keys, fobs, and routers returned

  • Exiting details delivered

Creating Your Optimal Workspace 

Consider It Moved unpacks and arranges your office space and workstations deliberately and with special care. Employees will never have to search through a single box. When team members arrive at the new location, everything is in place and ready to go. 

In your new workspace, you will find everything as planned:

  • Organization of closets and storage spaces

  • Supply cabinets and drawers stocked with necessary supplies

  • Refrigerator stocked with desired foods

  • Cleaning company and supplies arranged

  • And so much more!

Once your workplace move is complete and everything is in its place, we’ll review it all to determine if it works for your team, making any adjustments so that the new space is its most productive. Together, we create the ideal enviroment so that your business can move into the new opportunities that lie ahead. 

NYC Full-Service Commercial Movers Who Support You

Consider It Moved offers premier commercial moving services that help reduce your business relocation worries and related employee stress. We strive to understand what drives you and your business and keep your goals at the forefront of everything we do. We are here to give you back precious time to continue discovering new business opportunities while we handle all the details of your move. 

Contact us today at (646) 693-6616 or reach us online for more information.