How to Choose a White Glove Mover in NYC?

Moving your home or office can be both exciting and stressful. There is a lot to do and to organize in the time leading up to a move and let’s face it, you probably already have an extremely busy schedule.  Often times, people experience anxiety about the logistics of physically transporting their belongings. Having done this for decades, we know that there are most likely a bigger changes happening for anyone who is moving and whatever those changes are could quite possibly be there real cause of stress.  White glove moving services and relocation specialists address the needs of their clients by removing many of the challenges that make the logistics of the process overwhelming. Your luxury mover will ideally handle the details and give you back time so that you can shift your focus and have your relocation be about celebrating the new opportunities that lie ahead.   

Do Your Research

Choosing the moving specialist that is the best fit for you will help tremendously during this busy time.  A service that not only moves your items safely from point A to point B but also best supports you during this time of change can be key to making your move a success.  Consider It Moved and our reputable white glove moving team create a plan to handle all the important details so that you never have to look at a single box. Imagine having experts handle the details, allowing you to keep living your daily life.  If it seems too good to be true, trust in the fact that you know how to spend your time best and people who move know how to handle the details of getting your items from place to place. We manage your transition and organize your space to make your experience seamless so that you can enjoy feeling settled much sooner. 

Our luxury services include:

  • Hiring trusted professional movers

  • Logistical planning, packing, unpacking, and organization

  • Home staging

  • Household inventories

  • Storage solutions

  • Vendor/Subcontractor management 

  • Fine art and antique appraisals

  • Management of sales and donations

  • Concierge services

There are many options for these types of services in New York City.  Consider It Moved draws inspiration from supporting you as you navigate the unknown of your move.  We take the time to understand you as an individual so that we can fulfill your needs from the pre-move planning to the moment when you are moved into your new home or office. 

Know What Sets NYC White Glove Movers Apart

Full-service bespoke moving companies like Consider It Moved provide an ease and comfort that is way beyond what’s offered by the average moving services of standard relocation companies.  We personalize your experience by understanding what you have going on and what would support you most during this time of transition. Will invite you to sit back and trust that your experience moving will be above and beyond shuffling your belongings to a new space.

Customization and paying attention to the details of what is important to you is what white glove moving is all about, and at Consider It Moved, our mission is to take care of all of the details while supporting you throughout the entire process.  We work with trusted and trained crews and leverage our vendor relationships to safely transport your everyday items. Every detail is anticipated so that there are no surprises and your new space is ready and waiting for you to walk through the front door. 

We also take extra care relocating your high-end items which need expertise and oversight when it comes to special crating or transportation methods.  Items that may need special attention can include:

  • Antiques

  • Collectibles

  • Fine art

  • Electronics

  • Pianos and other large instruments

  • Designer and custom-made furniture

Along with packing and unpacking services, we offer many other premium transition services, including:

  • Short and long-term storage management

  • Donations

  • Sorting and organization

  • Photo Inventories

  • Clean up of the former space

  • Furniture placement and design services

  • Celebration of your new future!

Consider it Moved’s white glove moving service excels at getting you moved while preserving your ability and freedom to continue living your life.  Start your move the right way and hire Consider it Moved, a top-rated New York City luxury moving service. Our satisfied customers are willing to provide references to confirm that we are one of the best full-service relocation teams in the area.

Trust the Process

Moving doesn’t usually evoke a great deal of trust, but at Consider It Moved, we have done all the vetting for you.  You can trust that our primary goal is to make sure that your move is priced fairly, and the entire process runs efficiently from start to finish.  We allow you to regain precious time and to continue on with your daily life. Our dedication to you as an individual is expressed in our focus not only on your moving needs, but on you. From pre-planning to the day your move is complete, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to begin. We’ll be by your side to help make it happen more easily than you might have anticipated.

Julie Subotky